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We highly recommend Ms Zahrah

Zahrah has been my 2 sons’ French tutor as FIMT since Primary until they graduated from Secondary School. She became a part of my boys’ educational journey and we are grateful. She even went extra mile to sacrifice her Sundays to prepare my son for his O level.

As per my son’s own words, “She’s very nice and patient during lessons and also understanding if you have a problem with the material. It is very easy to ask her for help. She is also very kind and fun to talk to.”

We highly recommend her.
Grace Justimbaste
Parent of 2 FIMT students

My daughter achieved A!

Ms Radha has been very helpful in guiding to learn the French language. My daughter has nothing but praise for her.

With Ms Radha’s tutelage, my daughter has achieved a Distinction (A) in her French GCE O-Level exam!
Parent of GCE O-Level student

I achieved an A for O level French and a B for A level French

I’ve been learning French online with teacher Wenda for the past nine years, and I’ve had a great experience. Her dedication, passion, and expertise has made my language-learning journey exceptional. Thanks to her guidance, I achieved an A for O level French and a B for A level French!

Teacher Wenda’s effective lessons are tailored to my needs and exam requirements. She has been very patient with me and always provides helpful feedback and support, helping me progress over the years.

I’m grateful to have had her as my teacher and would recommend her to anyone seeking to learn French. Thank you for making my journey in learning French feel enjoyable and rewarding!
Jessica Choa
GCE O-Level and A-Level student

Thanks to Teacher Arshi, my children love French language!

My daughter has been with Teacher Arshi for seven straight years until she took her O levels late in 2018. She has shown great patience and understanding towards her and her needs. In the end, she was not just a teacher to her but also a friend. This relationship has made my daughter look forward to her weekly French classes with Teacher Arshi.

She was not just doing it for the sake of learning. Teacher Arshi has sparked my daughter's interest in the language and has accompanied her throughout her Primary and Secondary levels. Me and my wife were quite worried for Nicole's French O levels but with Teacher Arshi's help, she was able to get a B3 in it. Sad as we are that she cannot continue to work with her for her A levels, we still look forward to the weekly hi and hello as she teaches my younger daughter, Chloe, in Secondary 2 FIMT.

We are always thankful to French Faster and Teacher Arshi on how Nicole has learned not only to speak and write in French, but to love the whole language.
Dr Othello Dave
Parent of a GCE O-Level student and a Secondary 2 FIMT student

Thanks to Teacher Arshi, my children love French language!

"I'd like to thank French Faster for helping me pass my DELF A1 paper. I scored more than I expected.

French Faster accommodated my hectic schedule and arranged make-up lessons for me to catch up with my classmates and ensure I was adequately prepared for my DELF A1 exam. My teacher Nageeb always made the lessons enjoyable and interesting with jokes. He never fails to answer any of our questions, even the naughty ones!"
Roslinda Abdul Rahim
DELF A1 French student

So happy with my results

I had to take the DELF A2 exam as graduation requirement for INSEAD. Although I spent a year in France going to school, I spoke English and took a total of 6 weeks of classes on and off in Paris. But my French was very rusty and I had to start from scratch.

I had 2.5 months before my exam so I signed up for French Faster with Anju, taking 2-3 hours a week. I had no time outside our sessions to practice French.

She was patient, guiding me every week to fully understand the basics, helping me be more confident in my speaking, listening, writing and comprehension. Even when I freaked out a couple days before my exam, she was incredibly supportive.

She has amazing energy and made each class engaging. I would recommend her to anyone that needs to pass an exam in a short period of time. I just received my results and went far beyond the minimum to pass, with a perfect score in comprehension. I'm so happy with my results that I may sign up to take the B1 exam next year.
Heui Jin Jo
DELF A2 French student

Useful resources for exam preparation

I have booked 20hours session for TEF exam preparation in French Faster with Nadjia.

The process is easy and smooth. The teacher is punctual, patient, and knowledgeable. The resources used during the session were useful for my exam preparation.

I wish the lessons to be a bit more interactive.
TEF French student

Lessons are always fun

Ms Radha prepares the lesson beforehand, which includes exercises (writing, grammar, etc) that is suited for French level, while also challenging you to think more.

If in doubt, she is open for discussion as she explains everything step by step by providing simple examples to more advanced ones.

She provides great notes and feedback on your work, and lessons are always fun with her.
GCE O-Level student

Warm, passionate and dedicated teacher

Ms. Wenda has been my eldest’s online French tuition teacher for 7 or 8 years now. I must say that of all her French tuition teachers, Ms. Wenda is the most understanding, most kind, most patient, and most motivating one.

Her communication with us through emails has been very warm with so much care, not just about Matthew’s learning, but also of his well-being. That is why when my second son needed French tuition, too, I also got her to teach him.

Ms. Wenda is very passionate and dedicated and she motivated my 2 sons to be serious of their French language subject.

Also, as a parent, I needed someone whom I will be communicating with to be understanding, respectful, and tactful in our email correspondence. And Ms.Wenda surely is all that!
Athena Acosta, Parent of Matthew and Naethan
French in lieu of Mother Tongue
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